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Manly, Sydney's Most Popular Seaside Destination


Manly is a beach side tourist attraction along the shores of Sydney its famous for surfing, dining or clubbing :)
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Manly is situated on the northern beaches next to freshwater and curl curl and contains a whole combination of beaches. The centre of Manly is the corso where various restaurants, shops and bars are located.


If you were coming to Manly the first thing you would need to know is where to stay?

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 Well theres various types of accommodation which contains quite a large price range.

    The Sebel
    From $209 per night
    Manly Pacific
    From $229 per night
    Bella Vista
    From $189 per night
    Manly Backpackers
    From $40 per night
    Boardrider Backpacker
    From $100 per night
    Manly Beach House
    From $110 per night

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    Going Out!

    Manly has quite a range of bars, pubs, clubs to go out and friday and saturday night the corso is filled with various beer and kebab lovers to have one massive party.

    The five main clubs/pubs are:

    1. The Steyne
    2. Ivanhoe
    3. Shore Club
    4. Manly Wharf Bar
    5. Manly Boatshed

    The Steyne is one of the oldest pubs in Manly and contains a bad reputation for violence and other crimes, that said they serve cheap $5 dollar meals on a Monday so it's still ok to go there :D
    Source (the party there is so good it goes out to the street)
    The Ivanhoe is probably the best all round club in Manly because of the crowds it pulls on Friday and Saturdays. On both days the downstairs floor is dedicated to the cougars and old fucks who listen to 80s shit. Whilst the middle floor has the purpose of pool and casual drinks, whilst the top floor is the club floor.
    Source (check out that playa getting some action yeah dawg)

    The Shore Club also has three levels and mainly only uses 2, its quite small in size but has huge crowds. The two floors play different music and Shore Club pulls a tonne of tourists participially Brazilian.



    Source (his about to make his move)

    Manly Wharf Bar contains overpriced drinks but its location of being next to the wharf allows itself to be an optimal meeting place for casual drinks.
    Source (retirement village outing)
    The Manly Boatshed is the only club in the whole of Manly to have a covercharge and I have no idea why. It has a whole bunch of shitty comedians on a friday night or some shithouse band no one has ever heard of. On Saturdays it is cougar central and where the young guys go for something different.


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