Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Aloha Fellow Travelers

        I write to you today about a place that is that is close to my heart for many reasons, I dont want to get all mushy on you guys so I'll keep it ruggid and manly. Hawaii, The Aloha State located in the Pacific Ocean about a 5 hour flight from Los Angeles, or 10 hours from sunny Sydney. Let me tell you, its a vacation spot all year round, I was fortunate to go there with my girlfriend in late febuary and the weather was fantastic, while all the main landers are freezing to death, we were just chillin in balmy 25 degrees on the beach at waikiki soaking up all the vitamin d I can before heading back down under.

        Accomodation in Hawaii at this time of year is rather affordable because its not the peak tourist season, a lot of third party websites have good deals and packages. I found a hotel right across the street from the beach, got to see the sunset at night which was just vibrant with all the colours you can imagine. Enough about sunsets though, flying in to Honolulu you get tha feeling that your arriving into a island paradise and thats what Hawaii is all about, island life. This my friends is something that I could get used to because unlike Fiji or Tahiti, Hawaii as someof the simple and modern pleasures that we all have become used to like the internet and good reception and so forth but something that is unique about Hawaii is the lifestyle. Man let me tell you brother you have never been so relaxed, you can go get you a 1 hour full body massage plus a spa package on the cheap, you can the majority of the islands in a day by car. If you dont do anything else other than relax, you better take your ass to a luau. That was a truly special experience which I won't go into detail cause you all are going to go and experience on for yourself. Not to mention you can visit the place where they filmed Jurrasic Park and other hollywood movies!

        One island that my girlfriend and I really liked was Maui, that was a fun day. It's only an 30 minutes at best to get there from Honolulu by plane, you can take a super ferry but that takes about 3 hours, so you should see how much time you got and plan accordingly. It had different terrains for the different sides of the island which you come to expect from an island chain produced by volcanic activity!! The waves were massive (it was hella windy), it was interesting to see the massive waves crash againts the rocks that lined some of the beaches around Maui. We also went to visit the big island of Hawaii, got to see both volcanoes and walked through a lava tube (exticnt lava tube I should mention).

     Hawaii is one state that is full of adventure for those who want adventure, its got the sun and beaches for those who want to relax, its got the plenty of sporting activities for thos who want to surf or play golf. You can even look at outer space, something that Hawaii is quite known for. It had marine life like whale, dolphins, thousands of different species of fish, and unfortunately sharks. I went and loved, I'll leave you to form your own opinions but don't forget its still the U.S and its a lot cheaper there for shopping, I have a reference ladies if you don't believe me.

Traveling is only what you make it, through the sunny days and rainy days, make your experinces memorable and you won't regret it, thanks for reading and I'll talk to you later.

Yours Truly,
Chris Wilson


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