Monday, 2 May 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Gold Coast

What and Where is the Gold Coast?

If your planning on travel in Australia and not sure where to go or where is the best place this is perfect reading. The Gold Coast is a city which is on the south east coast of Queensland in Australia. It is argued as the most popular tourist attraction in all of Australia. 

So, why visit the Gold Coast? Here are my top 10 reasons

5. The Rainforest

Within 30 minutes of the coast there is Gold Coast hinterland the location full of farmland, vineyards, quaint villages, sprawling national parks and various rain forest reserves. The landscape completely changes from the surfy coastline to a rural farmland and rainforest area where a diverse eco-system of animals live.

Some main places to visit include
• Tamorine Mountain
• Lamington National Park (O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat)
• Springbrook National Park

These places and many others offer a tonne of activities like 4 wheel driving, bushwalking, hang gliding, abseiling, wine tasting and much more!

4. Food

The abundance of restaraunts located within The Gold Coast offer some of the best Seafood you can eat. If your looking for some succulent lobster or a nice piece of fish fillet you have so many choices.

Such restaraunts as:

• Yellowfin
• Omeros Brothers
• Sage
• and Shuck

are all big names when it comes to Seafood. Gold Coast's speciality in food is by far food derived from the sea and within Surfer's Paradise these top restaraunts are not far to go.



3. Theme Parks

There 5 huge main theme parks situated on the Gold Coast and most being within half an hours drive of Surfer's Paradise Beach


Movie World boasts 17 rides with various ongoing performance and stunt shows going on within the park. On top of this there a various additional attractions within the park such as the costumed cartooned characters which create a distinct touch to the park.

Wet N Wild is a water theme park in which is has various water slides and tunnels. It does well to combat Queensland heat and provide a wet adrenaline rush ;)

Some other main theme parks include:

• Whitewater World
• Seaworld
• Dreamworld

Lastly is Infinity a laser mirror smoke maze which the people have to navigate their way through trying to tell if the wall is real and where is the door. Infinity was created by an astronomer who mimic'd space lights to create specific maze which leaves all the customers trippin balls/


2. Nightlife

You can't mention the Gold coast without mentioning the large array of Nightclubs which are situated all closely right next to Surfer's paradise.

Some of the most popular ones include:

• Vanity
• Shooters
• SinCity

To be honest, its not really going to matter what NightClub you go to they all go off. Even the RSL!


 1. Beaches

The number one and best reason to visit the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is the name for a whole bunch of beaches and suburbs which are situated on the sub tropical climate coast of Queensland. The humid temperature mixes quite well the salty ocean.

Both first time surfers and professional alike can find a swell which they are most suited to. The beaches offer a place to play sport, bbq, swim and learn to surf. Personally I think the beach captures part of Australia's culture and is a must see for both domestic and international tourists.