Thursday, 14 April 2011

Lebanon Trip

It’s been quite a while since I have been back to the beautiful land of Lebanon, but I would still like to share the adventure with you. It was my very first trip overseas and who better to go with but my youngest brother.

I remember leaving the cold rainy winter weather Sydney had to offer to spend 4 gorgeous summer weeks in Lebanon where we were welcomed by my uncle in the capital city Beirut. He took us on a very scenic tour through the city (which I will write about in my next blog) down by the beaches and to a little town called Haql El Aazime where my mum and dad grew up.

As we made our way down the little brick road we were taken aback by the beauty. This town‘s homes were built in and around a mountain. So we grabbed our very heavy suitcases and made our way up the 8 flights of stairs to my dad’s childhood home and were my grandparents still live. This was the first time we would meet the other half of my dad’s family.

Every morning I would wake up to a cup of coffee (made by my grandma or in Arabic tayta) and also to an awesome view right outside our door step. Check it out: 
xx Rima 

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