Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Beaches in KOREA!!


If you are a beach bunny, check out the wide selection of beaches Korea has to offer. Take a "sand bath" at Gyeongpo Beach in Gangwon-do province, watch the splendid sunrise at Naksan Beach , or you could head out to Daecheon beach  for a bath in it's thick, mineral rich mud. Jeju-do's Jungmun beach is the place for extreme sports athletes, as the clean water and powerful current make it perfect for sports like waterskiing and windsurfing

1. Jeungdo Ujeon Beach

Ujeon Beach stretches 4km in length on the southwestern coast of the island of Jeungdo-myeon, the biggest natural salt producer in Korea. The silvery white sand as well as the view of the sealine dotted with over 90 desert islands make Ujeon Beach one of the most attractive destinations. Visitors on Jeungdo Island can explore the sites of salt production and Haetae (a type of seaweed) farming, or go fising at nearby islands, including Nae•Oegaldo Island, Myeongdeokseom Island, Daeseom Island, Bunamdo Island and Myeongseom Island.

2.Daejin Beach
Daejin Beach, located in the north of Yeongdeok, Gyeongsanbuk-do in the small coastal village of Daejin-ri, is the longest beach on the east coast. The beach is popular among family vacationers for its clean and shallow waters. The area is surrounded by a lush pine forest creating beautiful scenery. There are also facilities such as shower booths and restrooms for the convenience of beach-goers.

A major attraction of Daejin Beach is Songcheon Stream which flows across the white sands of the beach. Vacationers may enjoy a dip in the freshwater stream while fishing both freshwater and sea fish. In addition, the Gangchuk Coastal Road connecting Daejin Beach to Chuksan Harbor and Ganggu Harbor is one of many scenic driving tours in Korea.

3.Nanjido Beach
Nanjido Beach  in Dangjin-gun, Chungcheongnam-do has 700m-long, 50m-wide soft white sand beaches. The water is shallow, clean and warm (20-23°C), and a pine grove nearly 1,000 pyeong wide surrounds the beach.

Nanjido Beach offers various convenience facilities such as campsites, showers, drinking fountains and bathrooms. The rocky coast in the northwest is a great spot for catching popular fish, such as rock cod and spotty belly greenling. By taking a boat, visitors can enjoy scenic ocean views as they pass beautiful islands, such as Yeongheungdo, Palmido, Seonjaedo, Gukhwado, Yukdo and Pungdo.

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